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Three Emerging Fire Safety Technologies

Devin Doyle

· Fire Safety

Devin Doyle is the president and owner of Response Fire Supply, a fire protection products supply company in Santa Ana, California. Based in Newport Beach, Devin Doyle has been in the fire protection industry for decades and was previously the owner of Reaction Supply. Here are some of the exciting new technologies that are being developed in the area of fire protection:

1. Sonic fire extinguishers - Currently still a nascent technology, sound wave extinguishers already exist as a proof of concept. They work by focusing heavy bass sounds that disrupt airflow around a fire to extinguish it.

2. Vocal smoke alarms - Rather than emit a high-pitched sound, vocal sound alarms behave much the same as traditional ones, but playback pre-recorded voice messages. The voice messages can include guided directions for occupants as well.

3. Video smoke detection - Instead of using carbon monoxide detectors, video fire alarms are being developed that detect flames visually. Processors analyze video footage in real-time looking for signs of smoke or flames.

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